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Your Reliable Estimating Team Without The Overheads

Having your own estimating team isn’t always cost effective, especially if you’re a solo builder. Even when you do have in-house estimators, sometimes people are off sick, on leave or just under the pump.

We created Renovation Estimating in 2017 to bring you the benefits of a reliable estimating team without the high costs of hiring staff.

Our affordable estimates help you keep your current jobs and cashflow moving so you can win more work with less stress.

Three Estimating Options To Suit Your Budget

Our goal at Renovation Estimating is to make quoting for your new builds and renovations easier. You don’t need the same level of detail for every quote, so we offer three  options for you to choose from:

Preliminary Estimate

Simple estimate with construction cost subtotals by trade, plus supervision costs and builder’s margin.

Construction Estimate

Detailed estimate broken down into quantities, trades, labour and construction costs, plus supervision and builder’s margin.

Project Estimate

Would you ever reduce the rates of finishing items to bedrooms & bathrooms to make the build price more affordable?
Our new estimation, Production Estimation does just that.

We’d love to take the pressure off your next quote.

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