Small Investment In Estimate Delivers Big Savings For Builder

An Independent Estimate For Peace Of Mind

A builder came to us after an architect offered him a project based on a fixed value building contract.

He didn’t have a lot of spare time to look at the numbers. But he didn’t want to commit to the job without a comparison quote for the work.

He decided to invest $945 to organise a professional independent project estimate from Renovation Estimating.

Protectation Against Inaccurate Contract Values

The builder wanted our Construction Estimate, which provides a detailed break-down of the building costs delivered in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

He approved and paid our fee and we put together his estimate within an agreed timeframe. When we sent it through to the builder, he was so relieved that he’d turned to us for help. Our estimate for the job was $100, 000 higher than the architect’s proposed contract value.

Comparison Estimate Saves On Cost And Stress

A comparatively small investment in our estimating service saved the builder from a $100,000 loss if he’d accepted the architect’s contract value. And he avoided the stress of taking on a project that would have put enormous strain on his business.

Once he received our professionally presented estimate, the builder was able to go back to the architect to discuss a more realistic contract value.

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