Professional Estimate Ends Overcharging By Trades

Comparison Quote Helps Builder Assess Trade Quotes

This builder had been using the same trades for a while. Whenever he had a new job to win, he always asked them to quote on the project and relied on them give him their best price.

He wanted to be sure his quotes were competitive in the marketplace. So, he decided to get an estimate from Renovation Estimation to act as a comparison point.

Estimate Reveals Overcharging

The estimate we delivered revealed something the builder had suspected. Some of his regular trades were quoting above the market rate for their work.

This was making the builder’s overall quotes less competitive so it was harder for him to win new work. Overall, this was detrimental to everyone, but especially the builder’s business.

More Competitive Pricing Means More Chances To Win Work

Armed with our detailed estimate, the builder was able to speak to his trades about their pricing.

It enabled him to negotiate more accurate quoting so he could become more competitive. And it demonstrated to his trades that, if needed, he was capable of comparing their pricing going forward.

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